Thursday, 1 September 2011



Walking down lonely avenue
I was sure I saw your face
millions of people walked it
every creed and race.

A dark lonely street
nothing exciting there
just the feeling of solitude
never a hope or prayer.

Experience was rife
experts walked the route
some came back happy
bearing plentiful fruit.

Others were ashen
saddened with no hope
fearing the worst of the trip
knowing they cannot cope.

But at the end of the barren tour
light would shine on a few
making the trip bountiful
reunited ,showing true!

Never give up on finding the one
negativity will not help you out
being positive ,loving life
will help your cause throughout.

Every one at some point in their lives have walked down "lonely avenue" a dark street with no hope for some, but sometimes at the end of the walk there is some light and it can make you  feel good, so never give up.

Have you been down lonely avenue before?

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