Monday, 12 September 2011


I dreamt I was a singer
on a lonely stage
not for any money
profit or wage.

The lights beamed down
covered from head to toe
no where to hide
ready to go.

When I opened my mouth
there was a sweet melody
words in harmony
timeless and free.

Breathing hard
the chorus in sync
each word clear
no time to think.

The end was amazing
the crowd clapped loud
my gut filled with butterflies
yes I was proud.

Going off stage
a heart filled with glee
my dream was astonishing
only I could see.

Wakened from slumber
still fresh in my mind
to recall this achievement
it was one of a kind!!

Sometimes we have nice dreams, dreams we want to hold on to, I must have dreamed this after watching the x- factor lol, a prog on tv, I imagined myself as a singer...

Do you have nice dreams?

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