Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Chilly winds make it cool
leaves dropping from trees
flowers ending their cycle
no more honey bees.

Time to wrap up warm
the sun becoming low
time for nature to take a rest
no more time to grow.

Planted bulbs in the ground
to come up in winter time
its the Autumnal season
summers at its prime.

Rain becomes a feature
dark nights rear their head
summer tools put to bed
in the garden shed.

Fires will be ablaze
on these long Autumn days
the sun will dip lowly
no heat in its rays.

Soon it will be Winter
another year nearly at rest
cold mornings, chilly nights
so comes the ultimate test.

It seems Autumn is here already in the UK, the leaves are dropping off the trees at a great speed, rain is coming daily, and there is a chill in the air, Autumn is a colourful month but it soon makes you Realise, Winter is almost here.

Do you enjoy Autumn?

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