Thursday, 22 September 2011



I nearly lost my best friend
my heart skipped a beat
looking frail and vulnerable
damaged by the heat.

Breathing was an issue
she couldn't manage it alone
her heart beating wildly
bloated and all blown.

The vet worked wonders
as she toiled for life
she needed to be calm
free from stress and strife.

The staff had worked tirelessly
to get her temperature down
I saw a marked improvement
as her small face wore a frown.

From the bottom of my heart
I thank the staff  who cared
if it wasn't for the attention
her illness would have flared.

I know vets are expensive
but money isn't everything
it's your best friend and companion
and all the love they bring.

My wee dog had a health issue, I had to rush her to the vets, within an hour or so she was back to normal, I have a lot to thank my vet for, I was devastated, even though the cost of veterinary treatment is expensive I would have paid more to have my wee one  better..

Have you had to get your pet treated?

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