Friday, 30 September 2011


The stage is set
the crowd roar loud
the boys come out ready
loud and proud.

The atmosphere electric
singing in harmony
its the greatest show on Earth
a place to be.

Two teams poised
for the ultimate fight
hoping to be stars
getting it right.

Supporters screaming
in perfect voice
go on boys
you have a choice.

The match goes on
ninety minutes of cheer
goals are scored
were's the beer?

The fans are happy
another win gained
voices broken
nerves strained.

Next weeks match
will be a winner
hopes are high
blood is thinner.

The heroes leave the pitch
with fans in tow
sons and fathers
salute and go.

I was asked by a friend on twitter to write a poem about a football match, soccer is you live in the USA lol, there is nothing more exciting than watching your team play, the atmosphere is electric, and if they win, all the better...

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