Friday, 19 August 2011


world trade center
On an ordinary day of 9/11
no one knew what lay ahead
death, mayhem, disaster
many injured or dead.

People working as normal
doing their daily chores
while a despot organised death
from far away shores.

Citizens of many Countries
business going well
nothing out the ordinary
no one could tell.

The destruction was devastating
people feared for their kin
the noise was overpowering
screaming over the din.

Fathers, sons, mothers
lay in a pile of rubble
while the World stood in shock
not realizing of the trouble.

The death toll spanned to thousands
as families waited in vain
anxious , nervous ,distraught
riddled with pain.

Many people helped that day
putting thier own life on the line
clouds of smoke, dusted streets
a City in decline.

This World will never forget
the day the towers were destroyed
countless lives , coldly lost
a day no one could avoid.

America calmly got over
one of their worst ever days
but they never will forget
and the terrorist always pays.

The day this happened shocked the World, who would have believed this could happen, terrorism is a scurge of any Society, this and every other disaster should never be forgotten.

RIP all who were lost on 9/11

Thanks for reading.

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