Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I cannot sleep
wide awake
let me go
for goodness sake.

I toss and turn
like a restless dog
the wheels have stopped
with a broken cog.

My mind so active
it never stops
like thieves and robbers
being chased by cops!

Try counting sheep
got to the end
this restless night
I cannot defend.

Go have a drink
to settle your mind
think of happy things
try to be kind.

Eventually you fall
into a deep sound sleep
but what time was it?
you did not keep!

Up in the morning
still dead tired
so to you my dear brain
pal you are FIRED.

Ever have a night that no matter how tired you are you simply cannot sleep? well I did last night, no matter what you do sleep evades you, eventually when your mind turns off, the brain shuts down and you get some sleep lol...

Thanks for reading..

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