Friday, 22 July 2011


Up at 6 another day ahead
almost time to get the kids up for school
breakfast is a chaotic time
all for one, hardly a rule.

Toast for Johnny, cereal for sue
while dad shouts "weres my socks"?
Tammy the cat is meowing at my feet
Tommy speedily rocks.
Joan is crying her cereal has spilled
the dog licks his lips in delight
Johnny complains, no lunch prepared
they all moan and fight.

Get the kids dressed, iron a shirt
turn the dishwasher on
hubby groaning in the background
having a dig at Joan.
Breakfast is over, time to go
dad drops the older ones at school
little Joan sits with her empty bowl
thinking wow this is cool.

Joan at nursery time for my chores
the vacuum is ready to go
dusting around the numerous ornaments
while washing joans baby grow.
Shopping to do, clothes to prepare
the maintenance man is due
sitting at home. freezing to death
its a wonder I don't have the flu.
The boiler packed in, no heat as such
except with my rushing around
I wonder how much it will cost this time
to make it new and sound.
Just as I think I am finished for now
its nearly that time again
collect the kids form school and nursery
and plenty to do after then.
Grab a coffee read a mag
then hang the laundry out
prepare the dinner feed the cat
try to search old Barney out..
By the time I settle its bedtime
I am dreaming of peace in my life
but who would have it any other way
its the pearls of a Mother and wife.

This is a tribute to all you lovely gals out there who keep it all together in a busy family household.Amongst the chaos and turmoil of family life you deserve an applause for all the hard work you do on a daily basis.


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