Thursday, 21 July 2011



People in your life come and go
but some they stay with you
through thick and thin in sadness or strife
they last your whole life through.

Tragedy strikes when you least expect
good people are taken away
the time has come to leave this Earth
a place  they cannot stay.

But impressions are left from the hearty ones
they leave you with their mark
whilst always shining goodness around them
covering every soul in the dark.

I know an Angel is looking down
showering her family with love
dragging her fingers in a pool of light
beaming down from above.

You showered this earth with kindness
always reaching out to your friends
your heart was as precious as gold itself
A  power would set  new trends.

Rest in peace the shell is now empty
but the soul will never lay down
you will always be in our hearts and minds
your Royalty a Queen with a crown..

I wrote this poem for a dear friend who sadly passed a few years ago, I thought I would air it on my blog, She was a kind soul and was sadly missed by all...

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