Friday, 8 July 2011



I was growing up in the seventies
with long hair and flared jeans
experimenting with colored hair
wedged shoes, and hating greens.

Big brother was a working lad
and our sisters worked hard too
mum had a job in an office block
and dad was on the brew.

School was good  in primary
we even got free milk
lunch was tasty and wholesome
custard as smooth as silk.

Teachers were as hard as nails
the belt was the punnishment then
a leather strap shaped like a snake
more powerful than the pen.

After school club was fun at night
it kept you off the streets
violence wasn't a thing well known
there were plenty of bobby's on beats.

The nights were long the sun was warm
there was plenty to do outside
friends were plentiful sports well known
your hobby was your pride.

Music was laid back, popular to all
like queen and the rolling stones
tv was magic star trek was cool
from Mr Spock to "Bones"

A great part of my life was then
good times were had by all
yes there were bad times and some sad
but back then life was a ball

I was a Seventies child, things back then were so laid back, there was unemployment but not on a grand a scale as now, discipline meant discipline, you were scared of teachers, and adults, we made our own entertainment, never got bored.

What do you remember the most about your teens?

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