Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Sweltering , stifling heat
no air to be found
the heat on the pavement
fire on the ground.

Your body is combustive
ready to explode
hot ,sweaty,sticky
can possibly implode.

The air conditioning faulty
windows nailed shut
like being imprisoned in a box
or a wooden hut.

Where can you get air
when it just isnt around
make it, create it, long for it
but still it can.t be found.

Like a Planet in deep space
were there isn't any air
your body craves for life
intoxicated, going spare.

When you open all your windows
creatures crave the light
with newspaper in hand
you fight with them all night.

Soon the temperature changes
all is well once more
no need for open windows
or a wide open door.

Imagine we had no air!
how stifling it would be
our body needs it to function
as our eyes need sight to see.

The last couple of days here in the UK its been stifling, the weather has been hot, high temperatures, nice during the day but at night when your trying to sleep is impossible, I do not think I could stand hot countries were the heat is an everyday thing....

Do you cope well with the heat of summer?

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