Tuesday, 3 May 2011



Today we mourn a Legend
his voice was one of a kind
he whispered in the background
while players got down to grind.

His commentary was exciting
you were left shaking inside
as Snooker players battled
to win, and save their pride.

For over thirty years he sat
watching his beloved game
The Commentary box was lively
and noted for its fame.

His nickname was "whispering Ted Lowe
given lovingly by his peers
they celebrated his life's work
while holding back the tears.

Now he will be looking down
analysing his  beloved  game
he will never be forgotten
commentating wont be the same.

We celebrate your long career
and will miss your harmonious tone
you are up with the many greats
and will never be alone.

RIP "Whispering Ted Lowe"

One of my heroes sadly passed away a couple of days ago, he was a Legend commentator on my beloved game called Snooker.
This man was a great talker and made the game very exciting at times, he was given a fine tribute at the final of the Masters and it was truly deserved.

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