Wednesday, 13 April 2011



Acres of fields
with vibrant colors
miles and miles of scented
flowers intoxicate my
very soul.

The flowers never die
they simply reincarnate
lasting forever
over and over again
they blossom
producing a scent
more powerful than
you can imagine.

They take you on a journey
of fabulous proportions
you never want it to end
you close your eyes
its still there
it will never leave you
it owns your very being.

All the drugs in the World
cannot compensate
how you feel
nothing compares
to the excitement within.
an all time high
without the after effects
of feeling down.

You cannot sleep
the power is immense
your body alert
seeking more
wanting more
getting more.

When finally it all stops
you feel empty inside
chasing the moment
craving for more
shaking with fear
crying out loud
but it never re appears
until you go there again!

This is a poem, in freeflow describing the affects of drugs to someone who has tasted a "high" naturally I do not take drugs, it has always fascinated me why people do , it chases away ghosts, but can bring nightmares in its place.

Do you know anyone who takes drugs?

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