Sunday, 3 April 2011


It's Saturday night
and I am stuck at work
should be out partying
instead of feeling a Burk.

Folks are all merry
as they pop on in
some more than others
full of Gin!.

Kids buying sweets
having hired a dvd
excited at the prospect
its how it should be.

Old folks buying papers
to sit around and read
too scared of the prices
they need it to feed.

Teenagers chancing their luck
trying to buy booze
knowing they wont get it
this time they lose!

Sending in their mates
to try once again
they never succeeded before
when they tried back then.

The shop gets a lull
time for a rest
but no it needs filling
things passed their best.

Time to close up
another busy day
switch off the lights
to hurry away.

Home for a cuppa
and to put your feet up
too knackered to do anything
except have a sup.

Turn on the box
midway through a movie
relaxing at last
everything groovy

Just a day in the life of me at work...

do you relax after work?

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