Saturday, 16 April 2011



They can make you laugh
shed a tear
sometimes they are cheap
or often dear.

Sell you a car
buy a house
clean your clothes
have a pet Mouse.

Make you hungry
cringe with disgust
go on vacation
wipe the dust.

Buy garden furniture
mow the lawn
paint the walls
from dusk till dawn.

Feed your pets
buy a swimming pool
fit an alarm
get the right tool.

top up your mobile
rent a car
visit destinations
very far.

Jump on a train
fly round the World
everything at hand
all unfurled.

The importance of media
is high in our lives
we all buy the products
more so our wives.

The ad is powerful
make no mistake
its everywhere we are
every time we break.

Ads do sometimes control our lives, we watch them, when we have nothing better to do, maybe you are watching a movie, your fav soap, then in the middle comes the break, with powerful ads trying to sell us stuff, we all say we never watch them, but we do, as they are created in such a way that you cannot but help watch them, we may not always buy the product but at some point we do.

What is your fav ad?

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