Thursday, 24 March 2011



Born in the United Kingdom
destined to be a star
never knowing who you were
greatness by far.

Your movies were outstanding
an actress of high esteem
at the tender age of ten
you gathered your own steam.

Classic movies to your name
some we will cherish for life
your skills were so enthralling
as you played a mother or wife.

An Oscar winning performer
recognized for your acting parts
your life was very colorful
full of fits and starts.

Seven husbands you did wed
a couple you married twice
was it the wedding cake you loved?
or just throwing the rice?

Your charity was exceptional
as you fought for many a cause
for this the World is grateful
you deserve the great applause.

So enter the gates as a "winner"
an icon of this day and age
the curtain has fallen for the final time
it is time to leave the stage.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor sadly passed away at the age of 79, sad, very sad, she was one of the last greats to leave this mortal world and take up her new acting role in Heaven, she was renowned for her great charity work as well as being one of the finest actresses that ever lived, her memory will live on for all time.

What was your fav Elizabeth Taylor movie?

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