Saturday, 12 March 2011



It waits for a certain time
statue like but not dead
poised, waiting for his prey
a time when it can be fed.

Preying on defenseless Humans
treating them like "game"
emotionless, horrifying
noted for its fame.

A creature who flies aloft
circling its prey
no matter what time it is
be it night or day!

It is hunted by a victim
who's son was taken away
never sleeping in need of the chase
travelling night and day.

What is this creature of evil?
why does he hunt man?
it could be the thrill of the chase?
catching them when he can!

The night draws nearer, still it roams
the scent of a victim looms
watching in the darkest corners
in open space, or rooms.

One by one he hunts his prey
nothing can stop this beast
changing, frightening, death is near
time for another feast.

The final day comes at last
Humanity is safe once more
be careful when you go outside
get inside, and close the door!

Guess the Movie time folks, methinks this is easy, but go on ,give it a try, as always correct entries will be posted at the end of the day, have a bash.....

What is/was your fav movie of all time?

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