Friday, 4 February 2011


The first sign of Spring
is close at hand
temperatures will rise
warmth will be grand.

Daffodils peep
from solid soil
fighting hard
ready to toil.

Shrubs with buds
fattening each day
skies turning sunny
not always Grey.

Birds singing happiness
as the day extends
easier to find food
as Mother nature lends.

Soon the sun 
will warm in the sky
then coats and hats
we can say goodbye.

Colour will spread
in a carpet of green
far from the frost
that we often seen.

We all look forward
to days growing warm
flowers blooming
bees in a swarm.

Yes folks the early signs of Spring have arrived, some daffodils in close by streets are poking their weary head out of the ground ready to face another years growth.I always signify this coming with Spring, It has been a harsh Winter, the coldest on record, thanks Goodness it only lasts a few months.

Do you see any signs of spring??

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