Tuesday, 15 February 2011


My village.

Its like any other Village
tranquil, sedate, at times
nothing really happens here
never major crimes.

Characters are aplenty
many appear each day
often having a laugh
having much to say.

The scenery is outstanding
Country air is fresh
children play in safety
encircled in a creche.

Adults mostly working
even in this present clime
occupations of various trades
open up in time.

Horses ready for riding
on fresh grass fields
Farmers plough daily
gathering their yields.

Transport at a minimum
walking is the fashion
kids in tow with Mothers
exercise is a passion.

A village of animal lovers
dogs and cats the trend
everyone seems to get along
the elderly can depend.

I am well settled in my small village, after having moved from a fast paced City I did not think I would enjoy living in the Country but I do, the differences are many, but the advantages outweigh the differences.

Do you live in a Town or the Country? and what would you prefer?

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