Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The waves dashed fiercely
bodies amassed heads up
all alone a singular vessel
like a lonely straying pup.

Thirteen souls afloat
in a wooden sanctuary
not knowing were it was going
or even what was the day.

No food or supplies had been saved
just people still in a trance
from the old to the young
thrown together in circumstance.

The ship had sunk days ago
the lifeboats went down bar one
only one remained intact
floating in the blazing sun.

One man had taken charge
as excitement dulled common sense
the female passengers still crying
no one coming to their defence.

He tried to gather order
as screams of terror flew
this was in desperation
from this scared motley crew.

Injured people holding wounds
cried with the pain
others tried to comfort them
hampered by the rain.

For many days they travelled
hoping they would sight land
patience and good fortune
was hoped to be at hand.

Out of all the ships passengers
only thirteen people would survive
starving and half dead
lucky to be alive.

Soon land had been sighted
for some they would never forget
never taking anything for granted
no sadness or regret.

Watched a movie this morning before going to work called "the lifeboat" which inspired me to write this little piece.

If you were marooned on a desert Island what would you hope to have with you?

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