Tuesday, 8 February 2011


As we start another Year
we give hope to many new things
research into disease
and a cure we hope it brings.

Cancer is still a killer
although caught in time may be healed
but in the heart of Africa
HIV is being concealed.

Mostly women have the disease
passed on to their child
Generations made to suffer
as a reckless disease runs wild.

Help is needed to make sure
Women become educated today
so their children will not suffer
the disease will no longer stay.

Thousands of Children born each day
have HIV or worse
not knowing if they will live or die
suffering with this curse.

Prevention can be as good as a cure
funds are needed  right now!
as we speak another child has died
we know the reason and how.

I read today, in Africa, a huge percentage of people who have HIV are the female population, they then transmit the disease to their babies, isnt it sad? Women need funds to be Educated in the safe well being of each and every one of them to stop the infection rising and children dying.

Do you know about the above?

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