Monday, 20 December 2010


It started as a cry for help
everyone was all around
the gun was at his head
his mentality wasn't sound.

The negotiator tried his best
but he would ignore his plea
then the gun went off
now the gunman was free.

It took years to set aside
the pain he had went through
he let a little boy die
someone he never knew.

He took a job far away
as a cop, to forget the past
the days he had nightmares
were long and would always last.

Three kids brought it all back
when a robbery they staged
two of the kids were sensible
one was full of rage.

Murder was on his mind
he cared less for his so called life
kids with nothing better to do
causing anguish and strife.

In the end he got his reward
he was forgotten after that day
the negotiator won the fight
but his nightmares, they would stay.

Its guess the movie time again folks, this one is one of my favs, never really gave too much away ,but I am sure one or two of you will get this one right away. Good luck.

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