Monday, 27 December 2010


Christmas paper lying on the floor
Santa been and gone
kids still happy for a while
nothing to frown apon.

Turkey sandwiches dished out
three days after the event
veg displayed after its best
stretched to its extent.

Old movies rambling on
as the party hats are torn
mulled wine, mince pies
Celebrating when Jesus was born.

Dad sleeping, mum washing up
as the presents are gathered in piles
taken to the bedroom with loving care
all shapes of various styles.

Cars broken down Batteries expired, 
dolls with no ability to cry
Playstations max'd, kids tuckered out
helicopters unable to fly.

The gifts you never wanted
like the socks you do not need
or the jumper two sizes larger than you
no one paid any heed.

Its over once more, all the hype
just for one glorious day
everyone content, Christmas has gone
we all wish it could stay.

All the hype, all the stress and it is over in one day lol, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

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