Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Bodies entangled in terror
rushed off your feet
supposed to be a time for fun
giving the kids a treat.

Shoved hard,queues miles long
stuff flying off the shelves
Santa would be so distressed
and so would his little elves.

Tills pinging, money given
bargains to be had by all
it takes the bravest heart to find
or they may take a fall.

Bags packed, heavy weight
dying for a cup of tea
kids screaming bored to death
some in need of a pee.

Decorations lit, Santa's grotto
waiting for the kindest soul
kids excited, getting near
sweets in a nearby bowl.

Shopkeepers delighted,money spent
who cares about the recession
credit cards max'd for just one day
of this human based obsession.

Went out shopping with my daughter today, it was manic, for one day a year everyone panics, everyone rushes, it def pays to start early but for people like me, will we ever learn lol.

Are you organized at Christmas??

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