Wednesday, 3 November 2010


In a time of war
buisness suffered
money was tight
society buffered.

Germanic factories
worked day and night
making weapons
for the military to fight.

A high class businessman
hungered for wealth
paid poor wages
thought of himself.

Most of his workers
of Jewish descent
were in danger from the nazis
to a certian extent.

Working hard to live
they battled on
repressed and beaten
frowned apon

Names were listed
from the factory floor
thousands were arrested
more than before.

Nothing could be done
camps were prepared
everyone feared
children scared.

The businessman tried
to keep his people there
he was a good soul
his heart was fair.

In the end
he saved many lives
from Fathers and mothers
to sisters and wives.

His bravery was honoured
for lives he had saved
standing up to the nazis
no one ever braved.

Guess the movie time again friends, this is easy, I expect everyone to get this movie. good luck ;)

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