Friday, 19 November 2010


In a World of uncertainty
man comes together
children still suffer
and will do forever.

Millions of hearts
beat as one
to allow our children 
to have some fun.

Disease is rife
poverty high
money pours in
but we still cry.

The money is used
to give kids a chance
to help them survive
their life to enhance.

Support is out there
 give for the cause
so for kids in the UK
there may be Santa Claus.

Centres are created
to make life a breeze
for kids with cerebral palsy
to help the disease.

So please give generously
to this worthwhile affair
to the people of Britain

Today is Children in need day, a time when we dig deep to give for this awsome cause, its hard to believe that poverty stlll exists in this day and age, but sadly it does, this cause is strictly for our kids so we need to dig deep.

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