Friday, 15 October 2010


Its finally here
a time to relax
you earned your crust
paid your tax.

Work clothes off
forget them for now
identity badge away
the sweat off your brow.

Live for the weekend
you paid your dues
no time for hardship
or feeling the blues.

Relax in the evenin
a glass of wine
the day is over
everything is fine.

Saturday comes
you lay in bed
the papers are bought
and want to be read.

The evenin comes
still your at peace
the coldness surrounds you
but your wrapped in a fleece.

Late to bed
another long rest
this weekend is amazin
simply the best.

Sunday night comes
and your feeling refreshed
ready for Monday
your at your best.

We all live for the weekends when we work all week, isnt it a great feeling?

Do you look forward to weekends?

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