Tuesday, 26 October 2010



I remember the days
when life was a blast
things were cheaper
and would last!

No one was hungry
crime was low
kids would survive
to prosper and grow.

Adults were respected
darkness wasn't feared
Mothers abandoned
children reared.

Officials were straight
expenses low
no food mountains
passions would grow.

But what have we now?
financial wrecks
crime on the up
brassed necks!

Politicians screwing
working class
children being abused
walking on glass.

Little respect
for any human being
no one notices
hardly seeing.

Money worth more than life
old age a chore
teachers scared
blood and gore.

So when will it end
when we are all dead?
then the people will wake up
and the hungry will be fed.

But why not now
we still have time
to change this World
end all crime.

Educate the young
let them decide
will it be better for them
or will they hide?

Will there be anything left?
or will we destroy it all?
its up to us now
to stand up tall.

What does the future hold for our kids and their kids?

What are your views?

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