Monday, 11 October 2010


the soft cool air
hits your face
the surroundings beautiful
there's no disgrace.

Heather growing 
from miles around
stunning scenery
hardly a sound.

Lochs of fresh water
still as night
nothing but animals
a glorious sight.

Freshwater fish
jump from the loch
the tastiest salmon
of the highest stock.

Fresh pine trees
climbing for miles
all shapes and sizes
of various styles.

The morning dew
on the mossed stone
to wash your face
all home grown.

A beautiful landscape
on Scottish land
is there to visit
were traffic is banned.

Enjoy the scenery
be calm and sedate
the view is astonishing
the mood you create.

I think there is nothing more fulfilling than visiting the Scottish countryside, for miles and miles there is nothing but Beauty, no traffic, no noise, just plain beauty, if you have never visited Scotland, well you have never lived, its all it is and more.

Where is your favourite place in the World?

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