Wednesday, 18 August 2010


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The club became empty
Only Lily and Demetrius remained
The bar staff were cleaning up
The bar top heavily stained.

There was no music
The couple still danced
Thinking about the risks
On their travels they had chanced.

Oblivious to all around them
They looked in each others eyes
Not knowing what was about to happen
Causing a huge surprise.

A man in a black overcoat
Was staring at the couple for hours
His table was in the corner
Camouflaged with a vase of flowers.

He waited till the end
When the couple would go home
He had waited a long time for this
That’s why he came to Rome.

The barman nodded to Demetrius
As a sign for them to go
As far as that particular night
It was the end of the show.


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