Friday, 13 August 2010


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The man ran off at a great pace
Dropping his camera behind
Demetrius was enraged like never before
For the man he was hoping to find.

Chalky picked up the camera
Lily was bemused and sad
But at the back of her mind
In a way she was glad.

Demetrius came back panting
He wasn't as young as he was
The camera and film would wait
Hoping it would better his cause.

At last the time came
The threesome boarded the flight
Thinking back at the last few hours
And Demetrius getting into a fight.

The flight was long and quiet
It took Demetrius a long time to settle
But he knew that when he landed
He would be in fine fettle.

Embarking from the plane
The heat was humid and dry
For at least it would be a long time
That any of them would fly.


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