Thursday, 12 August 2010


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All were excited with their new life
Travelling was a pleasure this time
Lucky had to go into quarantine
Uncomfortable for a dog in his prime.

Demetrius went to the checkout
Tickets and passports in hand
Destined for a happier life he hoped
Going to a familiar land.

He had contacted his estranged Mother
Who was delighted he was finally coming home
Even the thought of three extra friends
Would be welcomed by her in Rome.

Demetrius had a smile on his face
Lily never noticed this before
Unknowing to Demetrius behind him
A man was staring from the door.

He took some shots of Lily
From a distance so no one could see
Chalky's head was in a book
The usual place for him to be.

Demetrius spied the guy staring
At Lily and taking the pics
He ventured over to the guy
To give him a few hardened licks.


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