Friday, 20 August 2010


the story so far..........

Demetrius met Lily in a bar, after living many years without her. The couple
got together eventually they wanted to settle down badly with their pet dog
lucky. Things went horribly wrong people around them started dying.
Anyone coming in contact with Demetrius and Lily paid the ultimate price
with their lives. Lily was kidnapped by a gang; no one knew why it was a
mystery. Demetrius searched long and hard until he tracked Lily down to
an abandoned warehouse in Rome. They then moved on trying to escape
the clutches of the gang who were after Lily, and so the adventure goes on.


Demetrius returned home sad
Wondering what steps he would take
He had nothing of Lily's with him
Would it be long before he would break?

The house was dark and cold
He tripped up on the step going in
His mind only on Lily
Wondering how he could win.

He never noticed the power was cut
As he stumbled to find the light switch
The quietness inside was eerie
His body started to twitch?

Beads of sweat ran from his head
As panic began to set in
It was a long time since Demetrius was there
As he felt a fist hit his chin.

He fell like a sack of potatoes
Onto the solid wooden floor
As the figure was blurred and speeding
Towards the open front door.

Demetrius lay were he was
Dazed ,stunned,  in pain
All that he could hear
Was the patting of the rain?

Finally becoming more alert
He made his way along the hall
His senses were all over the place
Still dizzy, knowing he could fall.

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