Friday, 6 August 2010


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Morning came the sun was out
Chalky was sawing in his shed
The noise vibrated the little room
Lily stepped out of bed.

Lucky was running around the farm
Chasing the old white hens
The scenic view of the country
Was paradise to a photographer’s lens?

Demetrius made his way to the stable
To see if Chico was still alive
He had known this horse for a very long time
In fact since he was five.

Sure enough the old guy was there
Chomping on his bale of hay
He recognised Demetrius and neighed at him
His head mane was long and grey.

He nudged at Demetrius and gave a smile
As if he had been there all the time
Chico had been a good friend to him
When Demetrius was in his prime.

Lily went to Esther
Who was feeding the pigs in the pen?
She said "good morning "to be courteous
But in her mind was back then.


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