Sunday, 1 August 2010


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For the first time in her life
Lily felt so sad
What had she done in this life
That turned things out so bad?

Was it she was nasty?
Did she hurt someone?
Were her drugs a cause of pain?
She knew she harmed no one.

Life has a way
Of catching up on you
Burning the candle both ways
You have to pay what's due.

Watching Demetrius sleep
With Lucky by his side
Faithful to his master
His head so full of pride.

Sleep evaded Lily
This night was cold to her
Even though she was covered
By her priceless fur.

Maybe the dawn would bring some luck
Demetrius deserved much more
For dangers he has encountered
He evened out the score.

Memories came and went so fast
On a night that was so rough
Some were happy some were sad
But Lily had had enough.

As Demetrius and Lily slept
Lucky got up for a stroll
Wandering in the dense thick woods
Not a sound from a soul.

Foraging in the thick of the grass
He discovered an old rotten bone
His animal instincts came right out
And he let out a joyous moan.


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