Thursday, 1 July 2010


When in a good mood
the World is alive
but when it is bad
you struggle to strive.

It depends how you wake
if you had a good sleep
your brain fully rested
and dreams are sweet.

You can make your day good
if your mind is ready
be positive with attitude
clever and steady.

Negativity can breed contempt
if you let it win
it will drag you down
and that's a sin.

Go with the flow
be a power to survive
think only good things
like being  alive.

In the end you will win
the battle and the war
if you want to live on
and give it what's for.

Day by day we need a reason to go on, being positive always makes you a winner and in that frame of mind you can face any battle the day has ahead for you.
I believe it is how you awake to a fresh day it determines how you are going to be throughout the day, I believe it depends on some of the above.

Do you have a positive attitude each new day? if not what do you do to change it??

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