Wednesday, 14 July 2010


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Lily fell asleep in Demetrius's arms
The park got busy and hot
Birds flew down to scavenge for food
Whilst a mother bowed kissing her tot.

Baseball players shouting for the ball
It landed in the widened stream
A little boy jumped in to the pond
While onlookers let out a scream.

Demetrius stared at Lily's eyes
In awe at this beauty with him
Lily stirred as if getting a fright
She awoke from a nightmare so grim.

She got up fast and ran from Demetrius
Still clutching her golden bag
He ran after her with all his strength
With the fake fur having to drag.

Lily didn't stop running for ages
Demetrius was out of breath
She stopped outside her little house
Looking as if she saw death.

"You can't come in" she said with power
Demetrius was puzzled by this
She slammed the door in his face
Before that she blew him a kiss.

Demetrius left and couldn't believe
What had come over this mysterious gal?
Eventually he left bamboozled and sad
As he went home to see his pal.

Lucky was at the front door
Wagging his tail with joy
"There now boy" Demetrius said
As Lucky dropped his favourite toy.


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