Tuesday, 13 July 2010


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Lily put on her fake fur coat
As Demetrius swallowed a brandy
Words were few as Lily locked up
Thinking how she looked dandy.

Closing the door on their way out
Tossing the daily paper on the floor
Hand in hand they walked down the street
Demetrius did not know the score.

Lily led them to the little Park
She often had paid a visit to
Not even tired up twenty four hours
Demetrius wondered what she would do.

They stopped to look at the swans
Who were feeding their young by the bank?
Sparrows were tweeting in harmony
As the water level shrank.

Bees were buzzing around their heads
Only focusing on flowers in the park
Dogs were barking in harmony
And some were chasing a lark.

Joggers ran through the gardens
Some of them stopping to take in the view
Milk bottles rattled in the background
As the milkman dropped of a few.

Demetrius and Lily sat on the bench
Watching the park coming alive
Children started playing
Some as young as five.


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