Monday, 12 July 2010


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The night was winding down, clients  leaving
As the pianist played a solemn tune
The smoke filled air added to the mood
As a couple danced the floor in a swoon.

As the night was ending Lily's looks didn't fade
Fingers dripping with diamonds and gold
A neck that was beautiful in even dulled light
Glittering with a necklace of bold.

Demetrius stared as the night had wound down
And wondered what made this woman tick
Only a few stragglers left and the club staff
And a guy in the corner being sick.

Lily directed the lad behind the bar
To clean up the mess he had made
She glanced at Demetrius and smiled at him
 Thinking maybe he made the grade.

Lily dismissed the staff in the club
And started to move to the juke box
Pouring two brandies with ice in the glass
She moved around the bar like a fox.

Not a word was said as the drinks were downed
She pointed to the floor with her eyes
They lit up like a Christmas tree
To Demetrius that was no surprise.

They danced into the early hours
As daylight burst into the bar
Shadows of silhouettes in the dawn light
Was magical by far.


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