Saturday, 10 July 2010


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Demetrius had one good friend
He knew he could always trust
He met his faithful dog Lucky
Through jealousy and lust.

Lucky belonged to one of his pals
he was brought into a neglected life
All his friend was interested in
Was his booze and his envious wife.

Carla hated the dog from the start
Because attentions were not on her
All she cared about was being number one
her lavish lifestyle and fake fur.

At every opportunity she blamed the dog
For acts he couldn't possibly have done
She even picked up dirt from the garden
Making a disgusting mess with one.

Demetrius spotted Lucky was unhappy
Dodging the bottles thrown at him
Living outside in a run down kennel
The poor guy’s life was grim.

Benny offered Demetrius a game of cards
Poker was his fascination
Name your price if you think you’re good
Said Benny in anticipation.

Demetrius knew this was his chance
To play for what he really wanted
For no longer could he look at Lucky
Unhappy and basically haunted.

Demetrius had the winning hand that night
 Benny packed all Lucky's gear
From that day on and to this day
Lucky lived without any fear.

The music was loud in the background
As Demetrius walked into the bar
Women dancing half clad
As guys leered on from afar.

Everyone knew Demetrius
His reputation followed him in
Glares and looks that could kill
Had hurt him from within.


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