Thursday, 29 July 2010


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Lily never came back that night
Demetrius was overcome with grief
Why did she not return that night
Answers he begged for relief.

He wondered what had happened to her
Why did she leave him that way?
But now he did not torture himself
Only thinking  of her by day.

Ten years on and life had changed
He grew with Lucky by his side
He never had a woman in his life
To eventually be his bride.

This particular night
He decided to go for a drink
Not worrying who was there
Or what they wanted to think.

He never got shaved or dressed
Losing his style and grace
Aged and tired he was
Showing in his face.

He arrived early at the pub'
ordered his bottle of beer
to his utter astonishment
He was served by someone dear.

He took his beer to the corner
Lucky lay by his master
When finishing his beer Demetrius left
He couldn't leave any faster.


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