Saturday, 24 July 2010


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Demetrius walked to the back
Of a building that was very large
He was going to be very careful
He wasn't going to charge.

Inside was empty and desolate
Gallon tins were lined in a row
A conveyor belt was loaded with bottles
Shining with a golden glow.

Voices could be heard as he passed
Boxes piled up against the wall
He knocked into some in error
Frightened they would fall.

The voices became even louder
A he neared the hidden room
There were at least three of them
Picking up a heavy broom.

He waited patiently for movement
His patience had paid off
Two burly men dawned in black
One of them had a bad cough.

Demetrius tried to get a glance
From the widened wooden door
He managed to see a silhouette
Lying on the floor.

He rushed the room when the men had left
Confronted with only one guy
He smashed the broom over his head
Then punched him in the eye.

The guy was flat out cold
As Demetrius looked on the floor
Lily had been drugged
Lifted her and made for the door.

Demetrius made his way back
To the hotel with Lily in tow
He called for a doctor
Looking for a blanket to throw.


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