Saturday, 24 July 2010


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Morning came so fast
As Demetrius got ready to go
The sun was shining through the blinds
And the heat stood ready to grow.

At least the locals spoke English
Which helped him in his plight?
He had hoped to get to the place
Before the start of night.

He was looking for a factory
That produced olive oil by the ton
Music played aloud in the streets
He knew there was no time for fun.

The place was ten miles out of town
He managed to thumb down a car
He asked the driver were he was headed
And luckily he was going that far.

Nothing was said in the vehicle
As the driver hummed a tune
The radio was playing songs he liked
Demetrius wasn't in the mood for a croon.

The car stopped in this barren place
As the driver pointed the way
The factory was almost visible
He was glad he reached it by day.

Demetrius stopped in his tracks
Looking at the land around
Nothing moved the place was silent
Hoping it was the right place he found.


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