Friday, 23 July 2010


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Demetrius landed in Rome
The sun was shining so hard
The heat was exhilarating
As he showed customs his card.

The staff gave him a sullen look
As he picked up his overnight bag
Lily was the only thing on his mind
And how he would deal with this slag.

The hotel wasn't anything special
Sub standard came to mind
As he booked in at the desk
The receptionist spoke quite kind.

He was given hotel room thirteen
Which summed up his luck to date?
So far nothing had gone right
Which basically sealed his fate?

He showered and rested on the bed
And gave thought of his plan
How would he set Lily Free?
And over power this clan.

For now it was time to rest
And have a bite to eat
He picked up the service phone
Whilst rubbing at his feet.

He asked the boy about a building
Mentioned by Charlie last night
The boy looked at Demetrius strangely
Rushing away in fright.

Demetrius now was on edge
Wondering what he now faced
But as long as he saved Lily
And hoped she could be traced.


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