Thursday, 22 July 2010


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The burning question for Demetrius
Was what had happened to Lily?
Although he was sad for Danny
Who shouldn't have been so silly?

Charlie's voice was solemn
As he spoke in stutters and stammers
Demetrius feared the worst by now
The Mother to end all dramas.

Demetrius told him to spit it out
He needed to know the truth
Because life had taught him recently
That he needed all the proof.

Charlie told him the awful news
As Demetrius went silent on the phone
Lily had been kidnapped
The only sound was the dialling tone.

Five minutes later Demetrius called
To get all the info he needed
It appeared that Lily was in Rome
To the airport Demetrius speeded.

The reason she was kidnapped
Her brother was to get the drugs back
Lily was the incentive
For her brother to produce the entire crack.

Needless to say he didn't produce
The drugs or the cash
So his fate was sealed that night
By thugs who his body would thrash.

Demetrius was frantic
As he boarded the plane that night
Lucky was at the neighbours
He wanted to prepare his plight.


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