Wednesday, 21 July 2010


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Danny Gone and the first man dead
Was baffling Demetrius to madness
All this killing and no Lily
Was driving him to sadness.

Demetrius called his last contact
He knew this guy was a winner
Yeah ok he liked his booze
And was on and off a sinner.

Charlie owned a scrap yard
Were more than cars were sold?
He had two henchmen who ran the gaff
Who were always tough and bold?

Demetrius had put some business
Down old Charlie's way
And favours were returned
Almost every other day.

Again he picked up the telephone
And got one of Charlie's men
He passed the phone over to his boss
Eavesdropping on all the gen.

It was lucky that Charlie's contacts
Were able to get Demetrius his news
Again he was owed a favour
By one of his majesties screws.

It turns out the man who was killed
Was Lily's little brother?
He was deeply involved with drugs
And would even sell his Mother.

The reason Danny was killed
Was because he had stolen drugs
The powers to be had caught him
By sending out their thugs.


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