Tuesday, 20 July 2010


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Demetrius shouted for Danny
As the door had no knocker or bell
And tapping the wood was hopeless
As Danny was as deaf as hell.

No answer came Demetrius was worried
As he started to go round the back
And just as he veered towards the door
He heard a loud bang and crack.

Quickly running in the back door
He saw a tall man beating his friend
The man saw Demetrius and started to run
As Lucky made a plunge to defend.

The man got clear of Lucky
Whose teeth were bared and sharp?
If they had made connection
The man would be playing a harp.

Danny was lying in a pool of blood
Demetrius held his head in his lap
Gurgling words from his slashed throat
This was the end of this chap.

Demetrius was handed a note by his friend
Before he got Lucky and went
The note had a name and number
Soaked in blood crumpled and bent.

Two men dead and a mystery note
Demetrius was back at the start
He had this unknown number
And two deaths that wasn't so smart.


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