Saturday, 17 July 2010


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Demetrius arrived at the door
There was no light inside her home
It was as if the place was empty
As he wrapped the letterbox of chrome.

No one answered the taps were echoing
And a lady came to the window
She said "no one lives in that house"
As her face was lit with a glow.

Demetrius was now raging
As he battered down the door
What was to confront him now?
A man dead on the floor.

The place was void of furniture
Nothing to say Lily lived there
The man had been dead for ages now
As the stench filled the night air.

As the sound of Police arriving
Hit the quietness of the street
Demetrius left the house at speed
Dripping with blood from his feet.

The Police gave chase in force
As Demetrius climbed over a fence
Panic on his unshaven face
Adrenalin kept him in suspense.

A young and vibrant copper
Almost caught Demetrius in chase
He was being very careful
That the lad did not see his face.

Finally Demetrius gave him the slip
As he breathed a sigh of relief
Sirens were bawling out everywhere
As he got a glimpse of the chief.


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