Thursday, 15 July 2010


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Demetrius woke at around ten
His bed sheets soaking with sweat
Lucky was right by his side
His faithful loving pet.

He couldn't wait to shower and dress
Needing to know what happened to Lily
He put on his blue suit from the closet
And thought that his tie looked silly.

Lucky stayed with the neighbour
As Demetrius made his way to the club
Remembering the first time he went
Thinking it was just a plain pub.

Pushing the door he entered with grace
As smart as a new shiny pin
The club was quiet and solemn
Not like the usual din.

Making his way to the bar
He didn't recognise any faces
Were was his darling he wondered
As he straightened out his braces.

Lily was absent no sign of her there
As he looked in every niche and corner
The barmaid stared at Demetrius by now
As she tried to understand a foreigner.

"Have you seen Lily" he asked with panic
As the barmaid went about her chores
"Lily who" she looked bewildered
Demetrius headed for the doors.

Dazed and stunned he headed home
Not knowing what this was about
I think I will pay her a visit
She is real I have no doubt.


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