Friday, 2 July 2010


thought-6.jpg image by judibugg
When you smile
the World smiles with you
be sad
and the World will be blue.

Try to be kind
and you will be rewarded
be horrible to people
your life will be sordid.

It doesn't cost much
to say hello
smile at another
let your love flow

Be positive each day
and your time will be pure
but if you are negative
there can be no cure

If you like singing, sing
echo your voice to the clouds
let everyone know
sing it to the crowds.

End your day with a smile
recall your day in your mind
close your eyes and now sleep
because this day was kind .

Day by day we  go through life at different paces, for some they are glad the day is over, for others they cherish every moment, we either get the head down and bash on or we can make our lives and others difficult.I try my very best to be positive daily, it nurtures the mind and allows you peace.

Do you have bad days? what do you do to combat this?

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